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PhD Entrance Test

Important Dates & Entrance Schedule

i Date of Mock test ( Trial Test ): 14-December-2020 to 16-December-2020
ii Date of Examination - (Ph.D Entrance Examination Schedule) 17-December-2020 And 18-December-2020
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iii Date of Personal Interview(Online/Offline Mode) - (Ph.D Entrance Examination Schedule) 22-December-2020 And 23-December-2020
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Students will need to follow the given guidelines and meet the given requirements for taking the online test.

  • PC / Laptop with working microphone & camera
  • Mobile phone with working camera
  • Good Broadband Internet or equivalent [>2 MBPS]
  • A separate room for taking the test where other people will not enter during the duration of the test
  • Uninterrupted power supply for your laptop / PC / Mobile / Internet device
  • Rough paper / Pen / Pencil
  • Prepare your place of taking the test. This should be with proper lighting to ensure proper video / photos else the system will not let you start the test. Lights should be from above or Behind the web-camera and NOT in front of the web-camera.